Monday 31st July, 1939 

Unc reprimanded Bertie most firmly today, resulting in another of his temper tantrums, and then he took off, leaving Eleanor in a pit of despair and thoroughly immobile. Shall have to send for William to bring her back to Foxtwistle.

Before he left, I extracted a promise from him that he shall not disappear indefinitely. The baby is due in a month’s time, and Bertie does have a terrible habit of absconding for months on end. I could see it in his countenance when he arrived; the man was preparing to flee. I suppose I ought be flattered he visited before leaving.

I do hope he stays in the country this time, since  the continent is close to boiling over. I don’t know what Bertie fears more – fatherhood or conscription. One as jolly frightening as the other if you ask me.

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