Tuesday 1st August, 1939 

Unc revealed to me that, after questioning, Mr Kray folded like my silken sheets in Annie’s hands; Mrs Blair, it turns out, has not remained true to her husband. I could say I was surprised but it seems rather elementary to me. Mr Blair is a walking barbiturate, completely devoid of any personality. Twenty years of that would drive any person into the arms of another.

Mrs Blair eventually admitted as much, and recounted her version of events the night of the car crash: She and her husband walked her mother home and stayed for a night cap. Forty minutes later, Mr Blair walked on ahead and Mrs Blair dawdled behind to lock up her mother’s home. There she was accosted by Mr Kray, who knew of her affair thanks to the tea-biscuit-wielding ladies next door (a similar confrontation occurred early Saturday morning, which I drunkenly witnessed).

Her affair with Josef.

Interestingly, after she had managed to shake Mr Kray, Mrs Blair insisted she saw a figure darting from the Marek garage. This was approximately a quarter to eleven and night had fallen, so she could not identify the person. Unc pressed her regarding her husband’s whereabouts; she confessed they sleep separately.

And so Unc suspects Mr Blair had already discovered the affair and clobbered Josef in a fiery, red-blooded act of revenge. Their home is located directly next to the garage, after all. Yet I laugh as I write! Any fire in Mr Blair’s veins is nothing but smouldering embers, surely. The cover up of the murder is something I believe Mr Blair might orchestrate… but the initial brutal murder? It beggars belief.


My hands are shaking. I cannot believe any of this to be true. Angela has just now left – she visited quite out of the blue, in rather a rage, to ask why. I must say I am astounded. I could offer no words to comfort her. Unc did not mention his intentions to me. I believed him to be beyond Unc’s suspicions. Why? I cannot think! Why has Unc arrested Ales?

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